Course Notes

Course Delivery

Courses in this program are delivered online on an anytime, anywhere basis. You will need access to a personal computer and the Internet. The learning site is accessed via a web browser. You can use a tablet such as an iPad or Android device, or a Smartphone to access the site, but these are only recommended for checking on your profile or accessing assignments, in case you need to print an additional copy of the instructions. While you can log into your profile from your computer or your portable personal device, Smartphones typically do not have sufficient screen area to deliver a satisfactory learning experience. Some lesson content will include video or audio and access to earbuds or headphones is desirable.

All assignments are provided in Personal Document Format (PDF) so that you can download your own copy and share it among devices, as well as print out a paper copy. This allows you to continue to work on an assignment even when you are not near your personal computer.

Once an assignment has been completed, you must upload a copy of your work using the tool provided in the course. To do this, simply select the link for the tool and it will prompt you for the name and location of the file to upload. We strongly suggest you keep your assignment work in one folder that is easily accessible so that you do not lose track of your work. Also, please create a backup copy on a USB key or in the Cloud so that you can retrieve your work from another source if necessary. All assignments are written and should be completed in Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor, and saved in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format. This is the file you will upload.

Courses are not dated or timed. You may begin at any time after enrollment. Once you have enrolled, the course title will show up in your personal profile. If it does not show up right away, it is possible your administrator is still completing the enrollment process. Wait up to 24 hours and if the course still does not show up in your profile, contact customer support and the issue will be addressed promptly. You will be assigned a login password. Due to stringent security protocols, this password cannot be changed by you. If you lose your password, or someone else has accessed it and you would like to have it changed, simply contact customer support and you will be given a new one.

Once you have entered the course, the lesson titles appear as links to the lesson content. While you will not be timed as you progress through the course, you cannot move from one lesson to the next until the previous lesson has been completed.

Managing Your Learning

We understand that sometimes your workload may seem overwhelming. Participating in online coursework while maintaining a full work and home life schedule can be taxing. Effective time management and clear priorities will help you to balance professional, personal, and academic commitments.

It is your responsibility to maintain a study schedule that will enable you to complete the coursework in a timely manner and participate in group activities when appropriate. Group activities are almost always optional and not all courses will ask you to undertake them, but they are included whenever it is deemed beneficial to involve others in your learning journey.

You are ultimately responsible for managing your learning experience. Only when you participate in earnest, complete all assignments to the best of your ability, ask questions and seek guidance when needed, and commit to doing the work, will you receive the full benefit of the course.


The right-click function has been disabled for all Leader Essentials assessments.